Our Client Relationships

It is very important not only for the client to interview Select Bookkeeping Services, it is equally important for Select Bookkeeping Services to interview the client as every client has different expectations

When we first meet with a client we try to understand their business, what do they want to accomplish, what is important for them.  We also keep the client informed as to what the legal requirements are for keeping business records.   We want to provide the level of personal service that each client requires as well as all the Financial Reports that are needed by the client to help their business succeed.

Select Bookkeeping Services is a company that strives to provide exceptional customer service to its clients, this is the #1 goal of our company. We want, in a  very small way ,to be a part of the success of our clients.

“As a new small business, Select Bookkeeping gave me a sound structure for my finances during start-up and has continued to be there with the support I need as I grow my business. They helped establish the budgetary framework required for the unique aspects of my business, gave me a manageable process to keep me on track and have always been there with guidance and advice when needed. For my company Select Bookkeeping is an important partner in my success.”

Marischal De Armond
De Armond Management Ltd - Conference & Event Specialists

“The excellent personal service that Fine Gardens receives from Select Bookkeeping, including payroll, remittances, and complete bookkeeping, allows this small business to operate efficiently. The staff are always available for questions and guidance. Select Bookkeeping has been a great support throughout the years.”

Rodney Malham, Dip.Hort
Fine Gardens Landscaping

We are completely dedicated to customer service &  satisfaction. We want to meet the distinct needs of our clients and always go that extra mile to accomplish this. We are committed to helping our clients succeed.

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